Prof. RNDr. Roman Barták, Ph.D.
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Prof. RNDr. Roman Barták, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science

Charles University
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

I am working in the area of Artificial Intelligence with particular emphasis on automated planning and scheduling, constraint satisfaction, knowledge representation, and machine learning. My research goal is to design intelligent autonomous agents (e.g. robots) that can plan their activities, do decisions, and act in real environment. I believe in a model-based approach, where agents can learn models (of environment and own capabilities) and use them to take decisions (plan activities, find what they do not know). As the models can be formally verified and validated and also presented to humans; this approach leads to trustful and reliable AI. I focus on a single agent behaviour as well as on coordination of multiple agents. The applications are in robotics, production and transportation environments, deep space and ocean missions, etc.


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Office #206
Department of Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematical Logic
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University

Malostranské nám. 2/25, 118 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

tel: +420 951 554 242
+420 951 554 323